About Labeled

After several disturbing encounters with denial of very basic medical care for my sister Abigail, who has Wolff-Hirshhorn Syndrome, several of her physicians had encouraged my mom, a Mayo-clinic trained physician, to write a book to inform the medical community and the public as to the denial of basic health care that is occurring “under the radar.”
On April 1, 2012 we met Laura King. After observing the interaction between my sister Abigail and my family, Laura told us the disturbing story of how her son Isaac, who was born with trisomy 18, was denied routine medical care and food after he was diagnosed.
I had taken an interest in filmmaking and as we drove home, after hearing Isaac’s story of passive euthanasia, we felt strongly that a documentary needed to be made. At least in these two pockets of America, the treatment of children with genetic diagnoses was being denied, based on their genetic label. This story had to be told.

Labeled exposes the shocking reality of how parents of some children diagnosed with genetic disorders are tragically being told their child’s condition is lethal and incompatible with life. Once labeled, children may have life sustaining food and medical care withheld or withdrawn, without the consent or knowledge of their parents.

Labeled follows my family and I on this cross country journey. Talking with medical experts, families, historians and theologians, we uncover the historical roots of the modern day eugenics movement and the disturbing practice of passive euthanasia still occurring in hospitals today. This film shows the rich blessings these families experience through the gift of their child as well as what the Scriptures say about the sanctity of life and special needs children.

This powerful documentary is a wake-up call to people of Biblical faith, hospitals, churches, those fighting for the sanctity of life and social justice, and anyone touched by special needs, who need to know the truth about these atrocities occurring today.

-Hannah Allison